Love Mammy (Emails from an Irish Mother)

‘Mammy’ is the Irish mother of Xavier, David, Pearse, Kay, Deirdre and Marie. Mammy lives in Cork. As is often the case with Irish families, three of the children live abroad; Pearse in Australia, Kay in New York and Deirdre in London. Mammy keeps in touch with all the children abroad via email, telling them about her hilarious adventures on a weekly basis. She considers herself to be very modern, and regularly tries all sorts of classes and courses to improve herself but since she seems to know everything already, she rarely lasts long. While Mammy is rather proud of her children, she also likes to point out their faults on a regular basis. Mammy would have liked the Walton family, but got her own instead. When tragedy strikes will Mammy come to appreciate her family more? ...As the year unfolds, the trials and tribulations of Mammy’s family are brought to life through her emails. • Hugely entertaining for enthusiasts of Ireland and Irish humour • Eminently suitable for serialisation in a variety of mediums
ISBN: 9781781769164
Type: Paperback
Pages: 327
Published: 9 November 2012
Price: $14.50