Meditation is practiced by men, women and children with different thought processes, personalities and beliefs. This book is instructing the highest order and Spiritual intention of meditation through mindfulness training. It honors an open holistic approach to meditation based, on the threefold being of man; Spirit, Soul and Body within an environment. You cannot see meditation as a characteristic of the mind and body isolated from the Spirit. Thus Meditation in High Definition (MHD) is incorporating the Spirit, a neglected Faculty of Human Consciousness (FHC); in current meditation models. The incorporation of the Spirit, allows a general structure of reality; permitting you to discover the dual process in meditation. A dual procedure allows meaningful observations and context for managing thoughts. The book explains the difference between mindfulness training and practice addressing questions; participants and readers have asked but did not receive satisfactory answers. It has openly explored limitations imposed by current frameworks for meditation, to offer what really is. This makes it, one of the most satisfying books on meditation. A practical book; slim in size and well profiled. It contains fuller definitions and fresh words, defining meditation for a Spiritual generation. Read it, it will broaden your thought process.
ISBN: 9781784077914
Type: Paperback
Pages: 149
Published: 17 June 2014
Price: $14.50

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