This is a story of national pride, of fear, greed and love. In an idyllic setting, somewhere in central Europe is a tiny state called Bulvaria. For centuries nothing much has happened. Life is good but there is the ever present niggling fear that one day the Republic will decide to invade and destroy everything the people hold dear. The hereditary ruler would rather just leave things the way they are and hope it stays that way but his wife has other ideas. She wants to hold a big celebration. The Quincentenary no less, and invite heads of state from all over Europe to join in the fun. At the same time a young border guard, tired of hearing the terrifying tales of the Republic decides to find out for himself. His journey into the unknown land almost costs him his life but he is rescued and while recovering from his injuries he falls in love with a Republican girl, what follows will change Bulvaria for ever. 'This is a charming story, an adult folk tale set in an imaginary country on the borders of the giant and ever threatening Republic. The prose is delightful and describes this little country, its people and customs beautifully with great attention to detail. It is the perfect story for winter firesides as it follows the fate of the country as it opens its frontiers to tourists in order to generate much needed wealth. In good Orwellian fashion it has a strong political message for all developing states today'. Nicola Ratnett
ISBN: 9781908481962
Type: Paperback
Pages: 232
Published: 1 November 2011
Price: $12.65

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