Jeremy Ashman’s life changed forever when he became a Christian and ever since then, he has been spreading the good news of salvation to all. Back before Jeremy converted to Christianity, he was a poor and uneducated man. It won’t surprise you to learn that it came as a shock to Jeremy when he, amongst all, was chosen by the righteous God. This book is a collection of Jeremy’s spiritual journeys and visions. On them, he has visited the heights and depths of Salvation and stood in the presence of God. He has witnessed the flight of a human soul and managed to return from hell on earth, a goal not easily achieved. In committing his experiences to this book, Jeremy hopes to send out a message everyone. Do not miss out on your God given rights. Everyone has the right to the Tree Of Life and Jeremy would remind and encourage you all to accept Jesus Christ as your personal Saviour.
ISBN: 9781908603326
Type: Paperback
Pages: 93
Published: 8 December 2011
Price: $9.66