Memories of an Angel - Part 1

Chloe and Mathew are emotionally damaged twins looking for redemption. After the death of their family and entire species; they are left alone, picking up the pieces of their broken and shattered lives that remain. They are angels, black-winged, constantly being pursued by the white-winged, who are responsible for their species being extinct. They exist in secret, hiding from the humans, never exposing themselves out of fear of being found by the white-winged. Chloe, one day, senses a powerful essence within a baby still in his mother’s womb. She catches a glimpse of what could be when she sees herself meeting him just less than eighteen years after his birth. When he is born, she realises that she loves him and that he may one day become like her. From that day forward, she vows to protect him, and with the help of her twin brother Mathew, they fight off the white-winged at all turns, keeping him secret from them. But as they all grow closer to each other and to some form of truth about this human named David, they soon realise their situation is fast becoming graver.
ISBN: 9781781760109
Type: Paperback
Pages: 328
Published: 10 February 2012
Price: $12.95