Men Get Hurt Too!

Anyone that has been through a divorce or a separation will tell you, it’s one of the hardest and most stressful times that you will ever encounter during your life. It doesn't matter how amicable it finishes, how friendly and helpful you are to each other or how much you once loved each other. It nearly always changes for the worse. There are so many ups and downs, so many emotions that you go through it is almost impossible to comprehend, not only your partner’s behaviour, but your own too. Anger, suspicion, hate, love, denial, jealousy and expectance just to name a few. They are all there and they can change at any time without any warning and rear their ugly head. This is my story…….
ISBN: 9781786103178
Type: Paperback
Pages: 223
Published: 10 November 2015
Price: $12.28