Minion or Master II

Minion or Master II is the second novel in a series of fast paced action adventure novels following George Howden from 1966 to the present using major world events as the backdrop. George Howden wants to create an international shipping business competing against the Greek Tinopolis fleet. The evil Mercator Tinopolis, owner of the Tinopolis fleet, plots George’s downfall forcing George to enter the seedy underworld of London’s Soho. George brings his black Bermudan girlfriend, Leonora, to London. They face hostility from his working class mother whilst his father is more interested with England’s progress in the 1966 soccer world cup than his son and black girlfriend. George and Leonora must win support from the upper class family of George’s high flying civil servant friend Adrian Cuthbert for Leonora to succeed with her ambition to train as a singer. George’s knowledge of computers enables him to assist the FBI to uncover bribery and corruption in New York and Washington involving the secretive international criminal Jamil El Hassan who has a hold on Mercator Tinopolis. The Minion or Master concept is explored in the relationships between family members, Soho gangsters, civil servants and US politicians.
ISBN: 9781786104953
Type: Paperback
Pages: 210
Published: 11 December 2015
Price: $12.65

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