On the death of her father Morien, a young circus performer, is left destitute and invited by the circus owner to become his mistress. With help she obtains work elsewhere at a classical riding school on condition that she never mentions the circus, so she has to hide her obvious skills in horse training. The son of the owner, the Baron, resents her sudden appearance arranged by his father, considering her to be a hussy and a fortune hunter. Combined with this, the Baron's girlfriend, Nina, becomes excessively jealous as, through training for a competition, Morien and the Baron spend much time together. During this time the Baron often tries to take advantage of Morien expecting her to be sexually available. Nina does everything in her power to discredit Morien, who, because of her promise, has to take responsibility for all the catastrophes to the horses in the yard. Meanwhile Morien finds herself falling helplessly in love with the Baron. After one disastrous session she feels she can no longer remain at the School, especially since the Baron has found out the details of her background. Thinking that he has lost her, this is when the Baron realizes that he can't live without her and seeks her out.
ISBN: 9781803024257
Type: Paperback
Pages: 180
Published: 10 March 2022
Price: $11.95

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