Molested by the Ghetto

True stories told with introductory inspirations, reflections and personal story narratives, this riveting autobiographical inspirational story shares the transformative journey of a traumatized six year old biracial boy's life in a crime ridden housing projects in urban North Jersey during the 1970's. The narrative speaks from the voice of a man in his fifties recalling vivid events from his childhood, reliving and retelling with intense imagery the dysfunctional events of his life from ages six through eleven. The unique format offers chapters that each have a preface, personal story experience and an author reflection. In his reflections of inspiration he speaks on his life's critically traumatic events and offers reasons and insights as to why and how he survived and thrived. Written as a self-help, inspirational / motivational book, philosophical perspectives and analysis' are expressed for others who have suffered through childhood trauma unable to appease their inner-child. At fifty three years old he entered a Doctorate program in his field after acquiring two Master's Degrees and is a successful professional. The story speaks of the pain and triumph experienced throughout his five marriages that all ended in divorce. Although moderate success on a professional level has been attained, he remained stifled by his inner-child deep into forty's. His loving relationships with his two adult daughters and his eight year old son are seen through a lens of laughter and dialogue that is unique in the field of parenting. Carefully chosen titles like "I Am Black & White, Life Isn't", "Forgive Me Daughter, For I have Sinned" and "Shoe Shine Boy" offers a peek into his imaginative writing style where visits to the local bar to get cigarettes from a cigarette machine turns into a hilarious moment of "snot-dripping and farts" as he downed two shots of hard liquor at the ripe age of eight.
ISBN: 9781788765176
Type: Paperback
Pages: 280
Published: 14 September 2018
Price: $14.99

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