My Beloved Nine-Tailed

A kind hearted boy saw an ancient nine-tailed fox being chased by a group of hunters wanting to kill it. He decided to help the nine-tailed fox and managed to rescue it however, he never knew that by helping the nine-tailed fox, he caused his whole family to be killed by the group of hunters that wanted to take revenge for spoiling their plan to kill the nine-tailed fox. Many years later, the boy grew into a handsome and charming teenager however he was cold to everyone around him after his parents death. The nine-tailed fox happens to meet him once again and regcognizes him but when she saw him, he was cold and rude towards his classmates and has no friends around him. The nine-tailed fox then decided to disguise herself as a student from his college and tried to approach him to repay him from saving her last time. Will her actual identity be discovered? Read this book to find out more.
ISBN: 9781788764322
Type: Paperback
Pages: 36
Published: 13 July 2018
Price: $5.65

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