My Laird

When fates conspired to turn her life upside down how was Bridget to know a man from the past would be the only one to stir her practical soul and win her shy heart? She came from a future he couldn’t begin to imagine. Graham, Laird of Clan MacLaren, his world was old and one she didn’t belong in. But his kisses promised things she could only guess at. She’d read novels about undying love and heroes who would walk through fire for their women. It was silly but she could see Graham cast as one of those heroes. Not that she was anything like the women they fell in love with. He had stood in the shadows, just out of reach of the light. It had taken a lot of self-control to wait for this moment. Many times he had been close enough to touch her. She looked beautiful as she stood in the firelight. Then she was leaping into his arms and he felt he’d been given a gift from heaven. Her smile was like sunshine breaking through storm clouds. He couldn’t resist pulling her close and capturing that sunshine with his own lips.
ISBN: 9781784078409
Type: Paperback
Pages: 295
Published: 2 July 2014
Price: $12.00

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