My Life In Their Hands

By Stephen Gallagher and Julie McKiernan
Stephen Gallagher was born in June 1962. At six months old, he caught gastroenteritis. Most children make a complete recovery, but Stephen was one of the rare and unlucky ones who went on to develop viral encephalitis. It took away his ability to move and communicate before he’d even had chance to learn how to walk or talk. Non-verbal throughout his life, Stephen has fought for years to find his voice. This is his story. ‘When I look at other people’s disabilities I think, my God, how lucky I am.’ Stephen Gallagher. ‘All I know about my son is he’s educable.’ Tommy Gallagher, Stephen’s dad. ‘They asked me, “How do you know what he knows?” And I said, “I just do”.’ Joan Gallagher, Stephen’s mum. ‘For a guy who can't walk, talk, feed himself or go to the bathroom himself, Stephen has done a lot of amazing stuff: from being awarded the Cornwell Badge (the Scouting VC) to going camping, hiking, canoeing and even abseiling with the Scouts. But surely the most amazing thing he did was to go from being "that bloke in the wheelchair" to being Stephen, everyone's friend, and I for one am very proud to call him mine.’ Brian Heeley, Stephen’s friend.
ISBN: 9781839452680
Type: Paperback
Pages: 158
Published: 2 April 2020
Price: $8.90