My Mother's House

Chuka Obidike is forced, by cultural circumstances, to remarry his first wife, Ogo, whom he’d been separated from for twenty years due to her foray into the supernatural world of juju. Before their separation, they had four children, all of whom Ogo was forced to leave behind. After their separation, Chuka married another wife, Uche, and they had six children. Chuka’s decision to remarry Ogo was to better his oldest daughters’ marital chances as they had been unable to get suitable husbands due to the circumstances of his separation from their mother. However, Ogo’s return generates tension as both wives struggle to assert their positions in the household. In this struggle, Ogo, with the support of some of her children, reverts to her diabolical ways to regain Chuka’s affections. When Uche notices this, she decides to fight juju with juju but things don’t work out as planned. Uche's oldest children, in their desperation to restore their home to what it used to be, seek measures to counter their stepmother’s juju. In the process, they get caught and an inquiry unearths the power struggle within the Obidike household.
ISBN: 9781781764725
Type: Paperback
Pages: 170
Published: 22 June 2012
Price: $11.95