No Mystics

Frith Griffith wasn’t always a self-possessed middle-aged rock star. When this private man agrees to tell the world about his youthful self-obsession, sexual hang-ups and suicide attempt, there has to be a reason. His younger self was saved from suicide by a white, untitled book, delivered to his hospital bed by an elderly stranger. A book which told of his early life with his violent father and clinging mother, and the years of self-hatred when he was convinced he had the potential to be worse than his father ever was. The book vanished before he left hospital, but he was too euphoric to care. Then it reappeared in his recently-deceased father’s house, and its second disappearance convinced him of its mystical origin; that its purpose was not only to save him from himself but to engineer a reconciliation with his father before it was too late. Strange things happen to a man who called his band ‘No Mystics.’ Now he needs to make the book appear again. He’s afraid of what might happen if he doesn’t. But he hasn’t lost his sense of humour, and there’s a surprise in store for his biographer – and an even bigger one for Frith.
ISBN: 9781784072377
Type: Paperback
Pages: 407
Published: 16 December 2013
Price: $14.45

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