No stranger to the P45 - Volume One

If you have ever wondered what it would be like to crash a fairground ride, upset the Russian mob, humiliate yourself before millions of people on national television, cause eleven thousand pounds' damage to a restaurant in Blackpool, make a movie with an Oscar-nominated Hollywood actress, receive a VIP tour of The Whitehouse, accidentally commit an armed robbery, be Santa Claus, make weaponised plutonium, sell a pair of rusty skis, be sued over a fictional secret agent by an altogether terrifyingly-real firm of international lawyers, hang twenty four thousand chickens on a rack, be pursued by the paparazzi, attend a fancy dress party as a serial killer, co-host a radio talk show, buy a crane, flee the country believing a gangster has ordered your legs by snapped like Twiglets, experience a surreal time-travelling incident, throw-up on stage while trying to host a game show, escape an assassination attempt or be normal... then you're no longer alone. Welcome to Danland. Welcome to No stranger to the P45.
ISBN: 9781781765517
Type: Paperback
Pages: 276
Published: 18 July 2012
Price: $16.11