An Optic is an alien organism designed to suppress the brains abilities within the human race. It can only leave its host upon the death of the latter, or when ordered to do so. We as a race, have never ever been able to detect these micro beings, we would not know how to tell them to leave. If this were to happen, the host would then have the use of their complete brain, becoming one of the most dangerous people in the entire universe. I have killed my own Optic and was warned that there would be consequences to this action. However Quad, who was Bumps Optic, it now supervising my brain, ensuring that I conform to the requirements of this distant alien race , which originally placed them within us. I have returned from the subconscious world within the depths of my brain, and now dwell again in the present time, but the thoughts and memories of what happened while I was in there, will never ever leave me. My biggest concern, is that we as a race are oblivious to what is in truth, the reality of our existence. It is another life force that shapes our lives and we as a populous don’t know it. But I do.
ISBN: 9781785103346
Type: Paperback
Pages: 418
Published: 25 November 2014
Price: $16.11

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