Once in Lifetime Trip to the Moon (Triton)

Once In a Lifetime Trip To The Moon Triton (Revision 3) by Prisha Saini Introducing Rebecca Rebecca is a little girl. She is sporty, fearless and adventurous. The thing that makes her different than most people in her class is that she is not afraid of anything, even heights. She is as strong as steel. If you see her, you would think she’s such a girly girl. She wears purple clothes, and basically everything she owns is purple. Rebecca is like every other boy. Rebecca loves rock climbing. Rebecca and her Best Friends Forever (BFFs) live near each other and have a secret hideout which they call the-they don’t have a name; they just call it the cave or the secret hideout. The friends play every day. CHAPTER ONE The Rocket It was a fresh and bright, early morning in summer when Rebecca set off for a long walk to Parrotsham Grove from her house in Forton. On her way, she glanced across the road and saw an advert on the old and dusty bus stop, with a Giant Rocket on it. Wow! A Rocket was on sale at a real bargain price - a third of its original price. She ENTHUSIASTICALLY sprinted across to read all about the rocket sale. It appeared to be unbelievable, it felt like a dream come true. She was so-o-o-o-o-o-o thrilled and had an instant desire to reserve one rocket for herself, but Alas! She had forgotten her cell-phone at home. So, Rebecca took note of the advert on a paper and marched straight back home. Every passing minute was like a microsecond in excitement, so she didn’t realise that it took her half an hour to reach home. The time was 8:20 am. A girl, with bright red nail paint and white painted dots on her nails, picked up the phone,“Good afternoon, it is Broonsturys Rocket Sales Office. How can I help you today?” Little breathless, Rebecca gasped, “Hello-o-o! I saw your advert on the way to Parrotsham Grove for Rocket sales. My name is Rebecca and I live in Forton...
ISBN: 9781788768955
Type: Hardback + Dust Jacket
Pages: 44
Published: 13 June 2019
Price: $5.65