Only Money Divides Us

A dead body with a letter is discovered in the snow, and then going back in time by two years to the beginning or main part of the story, the focus is on a group of office workers during a weekend break in the French Alps. A team torn with distrust and discontentment, and in need of shaking up. Only Money Divides Us is a dryly comic murder/mystery and adventure, where working relationships, friendships and loyalties are tested, and enterprise and competitiveness leads to intrigue and obsession. They are a group of fifteen working in the travel insurance branch of a modern and progressive firm, and Rich, the office manager and ‘leader’, is the most obviously behind the trip; his objective being to bring them closer together to improve team working. But with such an array of characters, as the story unfolds it is revealed that some have their own agenda, while others are involved in a shared underlying financial scheme.
ISBN: 9781785109409
Type: Paperback
Pages: 290
Published: 8 July 2015
Price: $12.95

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