Out of the Goldfish Bowl

The Premise of the novel is that the Universe is controlled by a vast computer program, consisting of various subprograms which control their assigned aspects of creation to ensure its smooth running. The whole system was devised and written by The Programmer at the beginning of time, when he created the Universe. One such subprogram, the Time Monitor, is alerted to search out and find a foreseen potentially disastrous event that could cause chaos and devastation to the Earth. His search leads him to the novel’s main protagonist, Adam Foster, who is a failure as a husband and as a father and is addicted to alcohol. Due to his alcoholism he is dismissed from his employment and his wife leaves him, taking with her his youngest son. He is left penniless and desperate to find a way of acquiring money by any means possible. The Time Monitor enlists the help of Mabel Stringer, a genuine psychic. Her familiarity with the metaphysical is needed as she and the Time Monitor travel forwards in time in order to determine what the threat to mankind Adam's future might hold. Would they discover what that threat could possibly be? And would they be able to prevent it? Whatever the result of their quest, Adam is forced to transform from failure to saviour, in the most extreme ways imaginable.
ISBN: 9781786107176
Type: Paperback
Pages: 500
Published: 26 March 2016
Price: $14.45

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