As must be the case with so many others of my generation, I was introduced to the delights of poetry in my early years at high school and this interest, I am glad to say, has never left me. In the sixties, I was fortunate to be tutored in poetry speaking by the late Rose Bruford and, long after the need to teach poetry in schools as a part of the English Literature syllabus had ended, my interest in writing it seemed to wax rather than wane. Quite recently, as part of my recording of news for the blind and partially sighted, I have been drawn into the satisfying task of presenting poetry for them also. The poems included in this collection have been drawn from material spanning some thirty years or so, though a few were written (almost) yesterday!
ISBN: 9781781761625
Type: Paperback
Pages: 64
Published: 28 March 2012
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