Paddy Stories - Colour Version

This manuscript is a colour book that is the story of wonderful westies who live far away in a magical kingdom full of beauty and happiness. The hero is Sir Paddy, a westie knight, who lives in a beautiful garden with his trusted steed Lancelot and five silly chicks who act as his squires. The silly chicks love to play tricks, which always go wrong making them look very silly indeed. Luckily Commando Kit, a Special Forces elite snail, and his troop of snails are on hand to keep the garden running smoothly. Enter the magical kingdom and join Sir Paddy and all his friends on their many adventures and laugh at the antics of the silly chicks in this delightful book.
ISBN: 9781784072728
Type: Paperback
Pages: 56
Published: 29 October 2015
Price: $7.67