How does a father deal with accidentally killing his own child? How does a mother deal with the torment of never having loved that child? Tina and Alex’s marriage is falling apart. Tina gave up a successful career to have the child that her husband craved for. She is unable to feel love for Charlotte, only resentment and bitterness. Alex and Charlotte form a loving bond that Tina feels left out of. Alex’s whole world turns upside down when following a vicious argument with his wife he leaves the house. Unaware that his daughter is there he reverses the car and kills her. Alex’s grief consumes him and following a breakdown he becomes the patient of Nicky Drummond, a Holistic Psychologist. Nicky is also psychic and begins to see Charlotte's distressed spirit. Against all her professional instincts, Nicky is drawn into the family’s tragedy, and she becomes a bridge between Charlotte and her parents, helping the little girl find peace and begin her journey to a different life.
ISBN: 9781781763049
Type: Paperback
Pages: 210
Published: 2 May 2012
Price: $12.65

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