Paper Chain

A new president like Obama never knows until he gets into the Oval office just what his predecessor has really been up to. And in Paper Chain the new president finds a skeleton in the cupboard left there by his predecessor, a hardline right winger with a taste for war... Who could that be? Did the Pentagon really put a laser weapon in space? And, if so, did the President know? And if he did why won't he admit it? Could a bug from a space shuttle really turn America into a third world country? It could, and, in this eco-thriller, journalist Graham Mole tells how.... No wood, no by-products like paper for dollar bills and cigarettes, no cellulose for TV or car tyres. Not even a contraceptive pill..... Just how could you manage without paper? Could you get through a day without it? As Robert Redford agrees it's "an important environmental concept" And a chilling possibility..... There's just one last question - is it fact or fiction? The author's not telling.... But right now in America three bugs have already killed 10% of American forests.... Is this really fiction?
ISBN: 9781908481689
Type: Paperback
Pages: 304
Published: 1 November 2011
Price: $12.95

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