How does one deal with grief? When a person has been a big part of one’s life every day, how does one cope with their loss? For Kurt Nash, CIA agent, it starts with keeping a promise to scatter Nick Roston's ashes in Pemberton, Western Australia, after he fails to save his friend’s life during an assignment in Europe. An unexpected encounter with Nick's fiancée, Lucy Gardner, who has returned home for Christmas, allows Kurt the chance to explain Nick's disappearance, but also opens up Kurt's own grief, while he is still fighting the terror of the event which saw him captured and tortured, and which nearly killed him. After a bushwalk lands Kurt in hospital, Lucy and her brother, Don, open their home to him while he recovers. In doing so, a friendship develops which will challenge the views and preconceptions each of them holds. From Pemberton to London to Cyprus to the US, and finally back to Pemberton, Kurt starts to face his grief, guilt, and fears, and the possibilities of a new future open up for him, for Lucy, and for Don, which none of them expects.
ISBN: 9781839451270
Type: Paperback
Pages: 456
Published: 18 December 2019
Price: $14.45