Perspective offers an insightful and reflective view on the complexities of life and relationships. The stories are dark, sad, touching, humorous and sometimes surprising. Perspective – Haunted by her desire for pure, clean skin, Isabelle’s life has been overtaken by the shadows that stalk her. Possibilities – After the breakdown of her marriage, Erin has escaped to Los Angeles. Hearing a familiar voice on the radio, Erin goes in search of a possibility. Quiet – It’s Sunday afternoon and the house is silent and Ellie panics that something is very wrong… The Colonel – Trish and Alan have been married for nearly forty years. He’s always fiddling on his phone, she never stops reading and they can’t stop picking at one another. But can their marriage be saved? Next of Kin – Anna’s relationship with her father, Nathan, has always been difficult. When she gets the call, she rushes to the hospital. For Your Own Good – It’s George’s eightieth birthday but the day doesn’t start well. When he’s not allowed a slice of his birthday cake, it only gets worse. Signed For – Audrey at No 1 does not accept parcels for her neighbours. Today, however, she’s been persuaded to sign for important documents.
ISBN: 9781782997771
Type: Paperback
Pages: 88
Published: 7 August 2013
Price: $9.29

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