Raised in the world of humans, Phia Hamlyn has no knowledge of her secret heritage, and no idea that it comes with a terrible price. Now the sudden appearance of a stone decorated with rune like symbols on her mother’s grave has revealed the secret of her existence to hunters of her kind, and time for Phia is running out. Evrik, warrior and leader of his clan, watches as a hunter reads the symbols on the gravestone and knows that a hunt has begun. Even though he feels pity for the unfortunate creature, whose life is about to end, he cannot interfere. For no Halfling can be allowed to exist in the human world, and there is no place for them with the fey. However Everything changes the moment Phia and Evrik lock eyes with each other and experience a strange connection as each of their souls recognises its mate. Now Evrik must make a choice, to risk everything to protect this forbidden hybrid, or walk away and leave her to her fate.
ISBN: 9781784074029
Type: Paperback
Pages: 327
Published: 11 February 2014
Price: $12.95

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