Poisoned Arrows

PART ONE OF THE GOLDEN ACES TRILOGY Rob Thomas has spent the last ten years trying to forget all the terrible things he’s done. But when notorious gangster Stephen McSharry is released from prison, determined to reclaim his place at the pinnacle of the Liverpool underworld, Rob is forced to return to a life he’s tried to bury, and kill one last time. Caught between an ambitious brother and a cop determined to salvage a career making case, Rob finds himself thrust into the midst of a gang war that threatens to rip the entire city apart. Drawn deeper and deeper into the chaos, they will each have to sacrifice the life they know to satisfy their ambition. But in a world where murder and betrayal are the only currency that count, it might not be enough to see them succeed, or even survive.
ISBN: 9781781762561
Type: Paperback
Pages: 444
Published: 21 May 2013
Price: $14.45

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