In this, the first novel in the ‘Regression’ series, David Cochran, Professor of Clinical Psychology, renowned academic and minor TV celebrity stumbles across tangible evidence that proves human reincarnation is actually real.In spite of his own initial scepticism the evidence he finds forces him to accept that a life after death is a reality. Tragically for Cochran, this momentous discovery, a discovery of truly world changing proportions is overshadowed by the sudden death of his beautiful young wife Helen in a freak road accident. To help him deal with his grief he becomes determined to find the final piece of proof he needs to prove his claims. Ironically, that proof when found might ease his grief but at the same time might destroy the gentle healer of others by proving his past life as the hardened professional soldier Probus, trained to kill on demand is also true. Increasingly desperate, Cochran uncovers further links between his current and past lives that sheds a stunning new light on the true nature of life after death and how these past lives can also interact across time. Unwittingly, Cochran and his supporters find themselves in a desperate race to prove their claims by finding a lost amulet before powerful and ruthless shadowy opponents, opponents who have no interest in this truth being revealed to an unsuspecting world, succeed in burying them and their discovery for ever.
ISBN: 9781784072452
Type: Paperback
Pages: 321
Published: 11 July 2014
Price: $12.95

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