Race To My Dream

At the age of 58, crime reporter Steven Wright takes the sudden step of accepting redundancy from his job in Bradford. The horse lover leaves behind murders, shootings and drug dealers and opens the door to a long-held dream – to ride his ex-steeplechaser in a race! It had been a fairytale for Steven to become the proud owner of chestnut thoroughbred Adelphi Warrior, known as Alexander, after turning to horse riding in middle age as therapy for bankruptcy, a broken marriage and a drink problem. His longing to ride his beloved ex-racehorse on the track comes true when he finds himself out of a job and with time on his hands. But is the race a disastrous idea for a man whose gung-ho antics had labelled him the Mr Bean of local equestrianism? Race To My Dream tells how, against all odds, and at the combined age of 71, Steven and Alexander take on their greatest challenge. The book takes you with them as they prepare for their big day. And it plonks you in the saddle with Steven for the race itself. It recalls the seven years that preceded it; the dramatic falls, the uplifting triumphs, the painful injuries and the strange adventures that shaped Steven and Alexander into the partnership they are today. Along the way, man and horse fell for one another, hook, line and sinker, making Race To My Dream a kind of love story, as well as a roller coaster ride of heart-stopping moments of sheer terror, tears of sadness and hilarious clownish antics.
ISBN: 9781786979117
Type: Paperback
Pages: 362
Published: 27 July 2017
Price: $12.95