Rear View Mirror

Six years ago I was a Policeman in Liverpool, I had the lot, the wife, the baby son, the designer dog, the exciting job and the dream house with the nice car parked outside. Now? Well, I've still got the dog... and that's about it. My life changed in the space of two weeks and at the end of those two weeks I found myself lost and alone and wondering what had happened. Slowly getting back on my feet I started driving a cab to pay for food for the designer dog, and by accident, over time, I rediscovered what was important in life. Amongst the lost, the lonely, the lager louts and the lovers I found happiness again by telling the stories of the people who passed through my rear view mirror of a night. The book is a collection of those stories, I hope it helps you find happiness in the Rear View Mirror too.
ISBN: 9781782996347
Type: Paperback
Pages: 279
Published: 26 June 2013
Price: $12.95

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