Red Dwarf IV

Number four of the Red Dwarf novels. Read the continuing adventures of Clay Stone. This is the continuing story of a Starship Captain who embarks on a stellar mission to Lalande in the constellation Ursa Major 8.4 light years away. People are laughingly referring to it as “Lalaland”, but they don’t laugh long. The Starship Basher is a Nova Class starship sporting eight Carillion hyper-ion engines capable of warp drive. The trip is fraught with trials and tribulations, and Omni Fleet Corporation is doomed near the end, but Beryl Stone emerges as the “Dark Star”. The Earth is being ruled in a dictatorship headed by a Chairman gone insane with power. The Dark Star becomes the invisible angel of justice. Watch for the exciting new series, “Dark Star” coming soon. And, PLEASE, tell anyone the ending.
ISBN: 9781782998495
Type: Paperback
Pages: 186
Published: 31 July 2013
Price: $11.95

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