Reggie Rumble Rat

it would be hard to resist this heart warming tale of Reggie rumble rat and the scrapes he gets himself into and how he does his utmost to get out of them,certainly not the children i read it to,they were captivated by his sense of adventure and honour to his family, finding himself in difficult situations but just getting on with it with grit and determination and of course making lots friends on his eventful journey , a thoughtful tender and griping story that the children really enjoyed with some lol moments,mrs Kathleen colton teacher at sandfield close Leicester,this story provoked lots of discussion whether Reggie was right or wrong for doing what he did and provided lots of opportunities for discussion about the feelings of all the characters, children who enjoyed it the most were aged 8 to 10 year = Mrs Kelly deaville teacher at belgrave st Bartholomews academy stoke on trent
ISBN: 9781784079741
Type: Paperback
Pages: 84
Published: 12 August 2014
Price: $9.29