The authentic Christian life is a life of repentance. At the heart of Christ’s proclamation is a call to repent. In this book, Luke Maguire explores what it means to repent, its necessity for Christian fruitfulness, and its capacity to open up immeasurable joy for the one who takes this journey deeper into life. This book explores questions such as the relationship between grace and faith in our salvation, where good works fit in, the necessity of obedience, and the role of confession, as well as offering some practical guidance on how to cultivate a penitent heart. This book is written in a straightforward and engaging style, drawing on images from everyday life. It is suitable for new Christians and for those wanting to explore afresh the basics of their faith.
ISBN: 9781839454400
Type: Paperback
Pages: 162
Published: 12 August 2022
Price: $11.95

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