Retribution - Part One

Joseph 'Sef' Nichols - Soldier, Commando, Mercenary. When an assassination contract deep in the deserts of Libya results in betrayal and murder, Sef finds himself robbed of everything that made his life his own. Forced into early retirement, he struggles to find purpose in a world so different from that which he has been trained to accept. But when an old friend requests his help to find and kill the man who took their lives from them, he soon finds himself thrown into the darkness of conflict once again. Their search takes them to Serbia, where a civil war rages uncontrollably, and the pair soon find themselves spiraling far deeper into the fighting than they ever intended. Shadows from their pasts are to be confronted and unlikely allies must be found if they are to hunt down their mutual enemy, a man standing at the head of a fierce and ruthless army hell-bent on seizing a nation. He is their target. He is their retribution.
ISBN: 9781784073794
Type: Paperback
Pages: 284
Published: 4 February 2014
Price: $12.95

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