Alan is a world-weary teacher working in a small school for excluded boys. Ryon is one of the boys in his form. That evening Alan finds that his flat is open. A figure bursts past him and knocks him out, but Alan is sure that the burglar is Ryon. Alan has been secretly filming the Headteacher assaulting boys on his new camera. The camera is missing. Alan finds out where his camera might be. He visits a (dodgy) house, and gets beaten by the notorious Mitchelsons. In part two we move to a first person diary sequence as Ryon, now in a secure unit, is prompted by Frank, his key worker, to write an autobiography. Ryon records how he finds out about what was on the camera. Alan visits Ryon who is pretending to help the police frame the Mitchelsons. The Mitchelsons burst in and assume Alan and Ryon are working together. Ryon is forced to hurt Alan to prove his loyalty. Ryon brandishes a knife at Alan... Later, Alan receives a letter from Ryon telling him he has run away. The final conversation between Ryon and Alan is poignant, indicating Alan’s dependency on Ryon.
ISBN: 9781908481207
Type: Paperback
Pages: 319
Published: 18 January 2012
Price: $12.95