Rhyme of the Ancient Campaigner

The theme of my 270-rhyming verse poem is my being attacked, mauled and dragged away by a man-eating tiger in deep jungle. Not many victims survive to relate an event of this nature and this is your chance to experience my situation. Survival is unique to all human beings in one way or another. Later, I developed spreading melanoma cancer. It spread from my shoulder/neck area to one lung, then the other lung, to the liver and finally the bowel, and yet I cured myself via alternative treatment. I am a survivor! Check out this poem on the conditions in deep jungle and my further survival during a helicopter ride to hospital! The "chopper's" dial read that the fuel tank was empty! Your choice to examine this unique experience. This poem took me eleven years to complete!
ISBN: 9781785109041
Type: Paperback
Pages: 54
Published: 23 June 2015
Price: $6.49

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