Right and Might

What is the meaning of life and where can we find it? Is humanity condemned to have war, or we can avoid it? The answer of these questions can be found in “Right and Might”. In this book Bahman Azadfar, as a philosopher, tries to explain how the lack of a “meaning of life” has caused us to suffer due to a lack of wisdom. The lack of wisdom has also caused our distractive instincts like greed, to take control over our minds and create “Might” as a destroyer of human and animal rights. Despite of all progress in knowledge and technology that could fulfill human’s dream to travel to the Moon, these achievements could not lead mankind to peace on the Earth. With the help of his technology, human has launched a war against nature which has confronted humanity with an inevitable defeat that could run our species to edge of distinction. We are confronted with lot of reasonable questions that require reasonable answers. Our species’ existence depends on our ability to find answers of these questions. Ignorance of the questions or postponing their answers to an unknown future will only make our problems more complicated. Rendering reasonable answers to reasonable questions is a specific attribute of wisdom. Only philosophy can help us to find reasonable answers to increasable questions, because its main matter is based on “wisdom”. Philosophy of Right creates an atmosphere that Bahman Azadfar calls: “atmosphere of Rights”. He defines “Right” on the basis of “Life” and proves that “Life makes Right”. He continues to define other concepts like Justice, Law, Freedom, Responsibility, Moral, Politics, Politicians, and Democracy according to the definition of life. These concepts within the “atmosphere of Right”; not only gives us their definitions, but also their interactions to one and other, allows us to move smoothly from one concept to another and see how their relationships create the new questions. By using the same atmosphere, we would be able to answer these new emerged questions. It is enough for someone to try to find the definition of “Life” at first. Then immediately ask himself the definition of “Right, Justice and Law” according to the definition of Life. When a person does so, he will find himself in the “atmosphere of Right” as a Philosophical System. But where was that person before entering the “atmosphere of Right”? Bahman Azadfar says all of us, like our ancestors, live in the “atmosphere of Might” where “Might makes Right” and powerful men can violate the rights of weaker humans. This is “The Law of the Jungle” that we have brought with us from the jungles to the cities. In such an atmosphere “Right, Justice and Law” are meaningless and when they are so; Freedom, Responsibility, Moral, Politics, Politicians, and Democracy cannot be defined properly because they are not explainable in such an atmosphere.
ISBN: 9781786977458
Type: Paperback
Pages: 80
Published: 31 March 2017
Price: $9.29

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