Risk & Money Management

This book aims to educate the reader on sound money management principles, strategies and practices that will assure the success of an online Forex trader who assimilates and applies them 100%. Whether you are already an active trader or an aspiring Forex trader, this book is for you, for without sound money management principles and good implementation of risk control measures to guide your trading; your success is far from near no matter the sharpness of your trading skills. It gives an overview of Forex Trading, introduces account management & risk control, and its importance in Forex Trading. It also breaks down the terms ‘Leverage’ and ‘Margin’ in Forex Trading, and its importance in Forex Trading. the book also lists and explains the elements of my account management and control of risk exposure while trading Forex, and lastly gives the reader my own risk management system among other tips crucial to every trader’s long-term success and survival in the International Financial markets. This book is useful to anyone who wants to succeed in online forex trading.
ISBN: 9781782991533
Type: Paperback
Pages: 47
Published: 6 February 2013
Price: $9.66