Rowan's Well

Who is your best friend? What wouldn’t you do for them? Lie? Betray? Or worse…? When Will Cooper meets strange, tormented Mark Strachan at university he soon has cause to be thankful as they are caught up in a fatal accident. And when they marry sisters Olivia and Eloise Brooke, their fates are tied. But Will could never have imagined how strong Mark’s influence will become and that one day he will have to pay a price for their friendship. Because Mark has a secret flaw that goes to the very core of him. A secret so deep, he will wreck lives to protect it. Imagine a psychological story that has the power to make you question all you know about family life. Rowan’s Well is a remote house on England’s north east coast, home to the charismatic Brooke family. At Rowan’s Well, the beautiful resourceful Brooke women fight to save their family and stay together despite murder and ruthless betrayal. They are confronted with events that make them question the nature of love - mother love, marital love, the love of a father for his son. And as for friendship - at Rowan’s Well, it’s hard to tell where love ends and hatred begins…
ISBN: 9781782999317
Type: Paperback
Pages: 313
Published: 17 September 2013
Price: $12.95