Rudiments of International Humanitarian Law

The book ‘Rudiments of Humanitarian Law’, is an easy to read edition. The basics enumerated in the book can be easily assimilated and digested by students of International Humanitarian Law or even general readers of the theme providing them a common insight on the subject. Battles and Wars,are characterized by brutal and arbitrary violence. International Humanitarian Law plays an important role in harnessing civilized deliberations at the time of war and compels the conflicting states/nations, to follow a particular code of war upholding the rights of the disputing nations, the civilians, the soldiers, the prisoners of war, etc; thereby it controls the reigns of warring factions. The world has been a witness to number of wars and battles, confrontations and conflicts. Such power struggles lead to innumerable problems such as legal, political, socio-economic and humanitarian. Hence a need was felt that governments, organizations and individuals in the field, intervene to strategize a path for comity of nations.
ISBN: 9781784078461
Type: Paperback
Pages: 50
Published: 2 July 2014
Price: $6.45

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