These poems will interest anyone who enjoys poetry, whether they live in a caravan or a rickety boat, in a prison, a convent, or have found a home in an abandoned bus. That doesn't exclude anyone who might live in a palace or a mansion of course! All friendly open minded readers are welcome. All intrepid spirits who venture forth to read a line or two. With luck you might even share my concerns about exile and displacement, war and destruction, the damage inflicted on the natural world by over consumption. While poetry doesn't produce political solutions, no matter how loud you howl, it does provide a home for the imagination; after all whose imagination is not exiled and adrift in our militarised economy where vast sums are spent on weapons while services for kids in need & the elderly are incinerated? So, let poetry be a home where love, hope, and natural justice can flourish and find expression; where negativity towards the good and just can be sent packing, evicted, expunged. Enjoy your read & have a good day.
ISBN: 9781786103901
Type: Paperback
Pages: 98
Published: 7 December 2015
Price: $9.29

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