Scars On Your Soul

Set in the near future, legislation that purports to be for society’s good, where national and international decrees, combine to create a global web which culminates in universal conformity. A world: where everyone is tied to their National Central Computer. Everyone, that is, except the favoured few. The total control of society is complete. Casualties? The individual’s rights and true democracy. Vince Ryder is to die, as ordered by his NCC, and spends his last hours with a death whore, Ricka. But he doesn’t do as the system designated; he doesn’t die on time. Scars On Your Soul follows the events of Vince’s escape, assisted by Ricka and her associates, and traces their subsequent journey. Escape under the watchful eyes of the numerous system cameras; but it is not just officialdom that is following their progress. Is this the opportunity for which the resistance have waited and planned? The story explores the trauma of a paperless person in a controlled society, designed to eliminate all deviations from the political interpretation of the norm. The impact upon freedom and individual rights by past, present and future legislation is extrapolated through this sometimes violent, occasionally erotic, novel.
ISBN: 9781784073923
Type: Paperback
Pages: 281
Published: 11 February 2014
Price: $12.95

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