Scintillating Stories. Book-3.

Life is too short to gain all knowledge by personal experience; one has to learn from the experiences of others. The best way to do this is through books. A short story deals with an issue generally faced by us and interestingly shows how to tackle it. Its message continues to reverberate in the reader’s mind for a long time. This is a collection of stories; therefore I am giving a brief idea of each story. Save a life: Dr.Easandev felt that in accidents involving death of pregnant women, it might be possible in some cases, to save the life in the womb; he experimented and succeeded. Jagan risked his adopted daughter, who was the proof of success of Esandev’s research, in order to get Jagan’s sick mother operated. Advocate Atri revealed the whole truth in the court. Wounded soldier: Unable to tolerate thieves teasing his sick old semi-witted grandmother, a wounded soldier managed to shoot their leader and caused merriment to his grandmother. A challenge redeemed: It is a curse that a girl child is still unwelcome in many families. A brave woman Janaki lost their daughter Jyothi in an earthquake; soon she gave birth to Pragathi. She married Venkat who had a daughter of the same age. She faced many problems and successfully brought up their daughters to decent levels in life. The tragedy of a husband, who abandoned his wife and his daughter and reposed his complete trust on his son, is also described in the story. The return of the natives: A conservative couple trusted that their only son Satyam settled in USA would take care of them in the evenings of their lives and went to him. The son told them that he can’t keep them with him. Disillusioned parents returned to their home, disappointed and disgraced. Yes, we can: Appalled by the frequency of purposeless shootouts spreading even to children in primary schools in USA, mothers of two affected victims started a movement urging the parents of children of their school to give up firearms voluntarily; they succeeded and hoped that the message would eventually spread throughout the country. Late marriage: Mary who came to live with her brother Bill had sinister motives. With the help of her husband David she tried to poison Bill to grab his wealth. Because Ruth alerted him, Bill was able to discover their plan. He married Ruth and sent out Mary and David. Marriages are made in heaven: A train accident threw two strangers Sankar and Chandrika, together. She mistook him for her husband Vineet. Later, Sankar tried to correct her mistake. After some discussion, they reconciled to their destiny and continued to live together. Another son: Out of anger against a money lender Hariram, a nurse Santa replaced his newborn son, with the new born son of her brother. Before she died she confessed her crime to Hariram and restored his son. Gnanaprasunambika: A famous actress realized that she was so overwhelmed by her popularity that she was unable to have any privacy or freedom of movement. She abandoned her name and fame by disappearing from the public; she regained her freedom and privacy. Unpunished fraud: Some frauds like the one suffered by Kabir, did upset his career; that fraud went undetected and unpunished. Reforming institutions like universities is a herculean task! Departure of Swamyji: Nobody can predict in what state a person might be when death strikes that person! A swamyji exhorted people to keep thinking of God because death could strike any moment; all that he himself could do before his death during mass chant of God’s name was to gesture for help! Route to heaven: A bus conductor’s flippant answer led to the death of a semi witted Nurja. The conductor regretted and suffered for his lapse. Nurja’s parents who reposed faith in God were soon blessed with a normal daughter whom they named Nurja. The secret behind the cure: Faith is capable of curing any ailment as Udham’s unflinching faith in Nujra demonstrated. Something to live for: Bhujangam and Komali stopped speaking with their son Ananth after he married Smitha against their will. When Smitha and her child died in an accident, Ananth attempted suicide but was saved by a policeman. Ananth’s friend Pramod brought Anant’s parents to their senses. ---
ISBN: 9781786972583
Type: Paperback
Pages: 220
Published: 1 September 2016
Price: $12.65

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