Secrets to tell

Secrets to Tell By Angela M. Cornyn The sea-side town of Dargle on Ireland’s East coast is renowned for having one of the best National Schools in the country, St. Aidan’s. Yet behind its doors lie several dark secrets which threaten the future happiness of three people. Noelle O’Brien has taught in St. Aidan’s for over twenty years. Maybe it’s been too long. Lately, the single, forty-something year old feels that life is passing her by. An invitation to the US could lift her spirits and it just might be a catalyst for change. But has Noelle the courage to confront her past? Long held secrets have held her in bondage. If only she could make a decision, life could be so different, exciting even. Peter Donnelly is the handsome and dynamic principal who has engineered the school’s success with his often dubious PR methods. He appears to have it all but his personal life is in shambles. One afternoon he goes AWOL and makes a surprising decision which leads to a desperate secret from his past being uncovered. Will he get more than he bargained for? Father Frank Doyle, Chairman of the Board of Management is happily ensconced in his coastal curacy when he receives a letter that shatters his peace and leaves him questioning life, the Catholic Church and even his priesthood. Who can save him from his fate? A secret from the past might rescue him... As the school year unfolds, secrets become unravelled for Noelle, Peter and Frank. Tantrums, tears and turmoil ensue but there is no going back. Once a secret is told it can’t be untold...
ISBN: 9781839457692
Type: Paperback
Pages: 404
Published: 31 March 2021
Price: $14.45