Sha'Di's Gift - Inheritance

Sha'Di expected to slide silently into womanhood, with only her mother and a few close friends knowing. But the Navajo celebrate a girl's first period with a big event: Kinaalda, a ceremony open to friends and family which tells the tribe the girl has a special gift and invites them to come and share and benefit. This ceremony is a link with the stirring of ancient powers - powers beyond the reason of science and control of the unwary. She conforms reluctantly but ‘Sha'Di’s Gift’ is growing stronger, allowing her to enter the minds of other people and the news spreads inexorably within the small community. Using this power she saves the life of Craig, the rancher's son, trapped in a car wreck in the desert and is helicoptered with him to hospital in Phoenix, attracting attention from the outside world. Pursued by the press and TV sniffing out a new sensation, she escapes to the desert where, for a few brief days, she can be alone to prepare herself for a difficult future. ‘Sha’Di’s Gift’ draws you in, asking: what if ancient powers still exist out there? And how would we deal with them?
ISBN: 9781785109171
Type: Paperback
Pages: 253
Published: 30 June 2015
Price: $12.95

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