IN THE SUMMER OF 1914, a generation of young men bring a football championship to their village. It's their last moment together. As Europe prepares for war and their own country teeters on the brink of conflict between Nationalist and Unionist, ideals and circumstance pull them to opposing sides. Most would have emigrated to America had the First World War not intervened. Instead they find themselves either in the trenches Flanders or on the streets of Dublin, as they answer the call to arms. When the Great War ends, the Easter Rising has been crushed, and half of the team are dead, the survivors find themselves once again taking sides as the War of Independence is followed by Ireland's Civil War. Inspired by the rebel song of the same name, SHANAGOLDEN follows the lives and loves, the dreams and despair of a small rural community in the country's southwest, as it is catapulted into the new Irish State.
ISBN: 9781782994824
Type: Paperback
Pages: 688
Published: 17 September 2013
Price: $15.85

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