Sheep No More

Sheep No More is about Britain and the mess economically, industrially, and socially our once great and stable land has been allowed to sink into. Brits need to know how we got to ‘where we’re at’ because to do so and make a good job of it, marks the place to begin repairing all the damage done since 1979, when the author asserts the rot set in and rapidly spread to every pore and sinew of national life. Tackling such a seemingly daunting subject could make for a very tedious read were it to be done by some learned member of the establishment, so it’s just as well Pete Harris is a blunt speaking, everyday working bloke who is unafraid to call a spade a spade and does not take prisoners. The result is a fast moving, informative and thought provoking read. Our children deserve a future, but at the moment all they’re set to inherit is our mess, so best we sort it out.
ISBN: 9781781763711
Type: Paperback
Pages: 429
Published: 18 August 2014
Price: $14.45

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