My Stepdaughter, Beverley, was successful at writing articles for magazines and tried hard to get me at it, by writing my life story, but I felt that would be boring. My Stepson, Anthony discovered that I had been through the two years of National Service and has often presented me with RAF memorabilia and media. I gave in, because I like writing and decided to share the experiences of my time in the RAF, along with my reactions to them during what became my second session of formative years. My first set of values grew in me during World War Two. The call for National Service was a spectre on the horizon for us, but it was a long way into the future. We never thought about it, but now it had become real and I could not avoid it. Many said they would make the best of it, without knowing what that entailed. From the first call, through the initial introduction to the greatest shock we ever had, this is the story that was common to many young men that were called up. The experience built something into my character, which was useful when the medics told me in recent years that I was about to face my own mortality. I did that and put the idea to one side while telling "Him Out There" to go his own way while I went mine. This story, then, is of my leaving home to start a new career, but being whizzed away to the RAF for two years. It shows how I reacted to the change from office work to working on Lancasters; the experiences I had and how I managed them. Some were difficult, but were variously exciting, a bit gory, and occasionally worrying, such as the time I was facing a long stretch at Colchester Prison. At other times, it was more light-hearted, but it all helped my future life when I returned to the office. The book is conversational and includes basic technical explanations to help the plot along. Let me take you from my terrifying start, through the events, good and bad, that made me become Terry-fied. It gives a good idea of why I am me.
ISBN: 9781803025773
Type: Hardback + Dust Jacket
Pages: 236
Published: 29 July 2022
Price: $12.65

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