Slaves and Doves

This is a collection of poems and inner soul reflections as seen through the eyes of A J Whyte. An ordinary man with an extraordinary heart and mind who wanted nothing more than a family… but providence had something else in store as, from an early age, his life encountered many a bizarre twist. After the success of his first book "The Universal Us - Many a Humbled Man" he made the decision after countless requests to group some of his many writings together to achieve this, his second book. This simple, uncomplicated book has been written to give you a glimpse of the world as seen through His eyes. Deeply passionate is his love for his fellow man and about life, these poems and stories reflect that and will instil every emotion within you. "This isn't just poetry; it's the memory of a lust for life now a thousand times stronger than ever." A J Whyte
ISBN: 9781782999140
Type: Paperback
Pages: 121
Published: 9 September 2013
Price: $11.27

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