South Atlantic Soldier

Welsh born Tony Gomez was orphaned in 1944. His Spanish father had been lost at sea before he was born. A Museum Curator with a PHD, he has parallel career in the Territorial Army SAS. Fluent in Spanish, with two years post-graduate work on the Falkland Islands under his belt, the forty one year old is nearing the end of his SAS service when he is mobilised in 1982. With fellow TA soldier Yorkie Barnes, he joins the British task force sailing to the Falklands. Chalk to Gomez’s cheese, Ex-Para, boxing champ Barnes, left secondary school at fifteen. Inserted behind enemy lines, they contact a regular SAS patrol to interrogate an Argentine prisoner. It is their first taste of war. The regulars, consider them amateurs, not to wear the SAS badge. Friction boils over into violence. Running firefights give them a chance to prove themselves but test the amateurs to the limit. While recovering from wounds aboard a hospital ship, Gomez stumbles across a shocking link to his past, making him question everything he believes of his family history. Ten troubled years later, he returns to the Falklands to find and lay a ghost.
ISBN: 9781781761014
Type: Paperback
Pages: 315
Published: 15 March 2012
Price: $12.95